June 17, 2016


June 18, 2016


Boat Tours from Limni

boat tours
Book a boat tour to do any combination of trip, swimming and fishing for 3 hours.
Your captain, Menelaos has over 25 years experience.
10 euro per person with a 50 euro minimum. Maximum 12 people.
Therefore if you are only 2 people or 5 people the price is 50 euro.
Departs from Limni Port – Bookings required.


LIMNI - Windsurfers 1
Limni usually has a good wind for windsurfing in the afternoons. If you are an avid windsurfer, bring your gear and you will be welcomed into the windsurfing group.

Basketball Courts

Are located above the NOL (Nautical Centre) on the road heading to Katounia and Galataki. There is also a children’s playground area next to this.

Soccer Fields

There is a small soccer field located next to the Primary School (called the Dimotiko in Greek) as well as a great large soccer field adjacent to the high school and with a fantastic view overlooking Limni. It’s a big hill so driving to this field is recommended but a great way to run off excessive energy.