There are two main ways to travel to Limni from Athens, either through Chalkida and on the scenic road that passes over the mountains. You can stop during the drive at one of many charming local tavernas for a bite to eat. However, for those that may be prone to altitude and motion sickness or not as comfortable on winding roads, there is a very easy drive on the freeway north to Arkitsa. Then there is a ferry that takes passengers and vehicles to Edipsos (Also spelled Aidipsos and Aedipsos). The main difference to consider between the two is that you will need to add about 25 euro extra in ferry tickets and half an hour additional travel time with the ferry. Both ways are enjoyable and have different merits to offer, however for families travelling to the island or less confident drivers, we recommend the freeway and ferry option.

Route to Limni via Central Evia Route to Limni via Arkitsa and Edipsos

Printable Directions with Landmarks:

Download PDF Directions to Eviali from Airport
If you choose to take the ferry from the mainland to Limni, then please check the weblink below for times. You should arrive at the ferry at least 15 minutes before hand in order to purchase your tickets and drive on board.

Edipsos -Arkitsa Glyfa - Agiokampbos
Mantoudi - Skiathos -Skopelos
A car is highly recommended to enjoy North Evia as public transport around the North part of the island is extremely limited.

Car Rental:
If you require a car to rent, we work in partership with Car n Motion. Based in Evia, they have depots in Athens as well as Thessaloniki and can deliver a car to meet you at the airport. In addition, during the Summer, a car can be delivered to Limni.
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Rules & Regulations:
  • Drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driving licence
  • Drive on the right in Greece
  • Seat belts are compulsory in the front and back seats
  • Children aged 10 or under may not sit in the front seat and should be in proper seat boosters
  • Mobile cellular telephones may not be used while driving unless with a "handsfree" system
  • Radar detectors are illegal
  • Give way to vehicles coming from the right (unless instructed not to)
  • At traffic circles, give way to vehicles coming from the right (that is, vehicles entering the circle) unless they have a stop or give way sign
  • Blood-alcohol limit is 0.5g/l (Also known as 0.05 BAL)
  • Diesel vehicles may not drive in central Athens, Piraeus or Thessaloniki
  • Double lines on roads indicate that overtaking is not permitted

  • Parking:
    Be sure to look out for signs where it is appropriate to park.

    If you have an accident, even a small fender bender with another car, wait for the police to come and write it up. Not only will you require this for your insurance, it is the law in Greece.
    There is no direct transfer to North Evia from the airport, however there are daily buses from the KTEL bus station (Liosion) located in Kato Patissia.
    Below are some options on how to get there:

    From the Athens Airport by train to Liosion KTEL bus station:
    The bus station is about 700 meters from the Train Station.

    From the Athens Airport by taxi to Central Athens:
    Taxis are easy to find at the airport and a fare from the airport to the city/bus station is normally about 45 Euro. If you want to prebook one to avoid queuing in the heat then we recommend Stratos (who speaks excellent English) +30.697.321.6884. Make sure to have your flight details available when you book him and let him know your name so he can have a placard and wait for you.

    From the Athens Airport by bus to KTEL Liosion:
    Bus Schedules
    There is a direct bus from Athens airport to the KTEL interchange, but please tell the driver to let you off at Liosion and not Kifissou. Ask at the airport where to get the X93 bus, tickets are about 5 euros each.

    From Athens to Limni (via Xalkida) with KTEL Bus Service:
    There is a regular daily bus service that runs between Athens and Limni by way of Halkida. Since November 2011, the bus now stops at Ilision Street, by the roundabout in Kifissia on the way to Halkida to pick up people.
    The buses are run by KTEL.
    Link found here

    Look for XALKIDA - LIMNI
    The buses run every 30 minutes from Athens to Chalkida and there are usually buses 3 times a day from Chalkida to Limni.
    (Currently those times are 08:15, 12:30, 17:15) KTEL's number in Athens is (210) 832 2997
    Buses run from Limni to Chalkida (then Athens) as follows: Monday to Saturday: 06.00, 11.30, 14.45, 16.30 Sunday: 14.00, 16.30
    Tickets can be purchased from the cafe "To Neon" (next door to the National Bank).
    Bus services are limited on Major Holidays such as Easter, Christmas, New Years Day and in some cases, may not run at all.